Friday 30 April 2010

Sri Sri


Sri Sri was the first true modern Telugu poet to write about contemporary issues that affected day-to-day life of a common man in a style and metre which were not used in classical Telugu poetry.Today is his Birth Centenary, so I will upload the books written by him.

His book Maha Prasthanam (The Great Journey), the magnum opus is an anthology of poems. Some other major works of Sri Sri include Siprali, and Khadga Srushti ("Creation of the Sword").

He is also famous for his quotes. Some of them are:

"1930 daaka sahityam nannu nadipinchindi. aa tharvaatha nunchi daanni neaenu nadipisthunaanu." ("Till 1930, Telugu literature showed me the way. After that, I am showing it the way.")

"kastajeevi ki mundhu venuka undevaade kavi" (play of words: 'Ka'stajee'vi' means working class man, 'kavi' means poet, Srisri says, a poet is always at the beginning and the end of a working class man, he is giving a hint as to where he derives is inspiration)

"Telugu vadi jathiya gunam orvaleni thanam." (National feeling of the great Telugu nation - Jealousy).

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  1. Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

  2. Telugu rachanalu ani telugu sahityam ani english lo rasthe emuntundhi, yee paddadthi Sri Sri ki nachadhu......

  3. correcte, kani sri sri gurinchi vere bhashala vallaki kuda teliyali kada.. He is a Universal poet.

  4. i want sri sri books in telugu...can u please ..?

  5. i want sri sri books in telugu...can u please ..?

    1. I have maha prastanam in PDF send email....

  6. I want quotations from Sri Sri to find them. I am staying in Bangalore. I went to few libraries in blore but I didnt get.

  7. Sir Please Send The Mahaprasthanam Pdf To My

  8. plese all are mustly known sri sri poets, and connectivity of society.

  9. Original Maha prasthanam book lo nunchi konni bits maatrame cut chesi yevaro mahanubhavulu online lo pettaaru. Don't think that you have full gadyam if you have some poems/PDF of it. If you are seriously interested, go to public library in Vijayawada to read entire library.